Rachelle Spector began crying as soon as the verdict was read.

Defense Attorney asks for Spector to remain out on bail until his sentencing hearing.

Deputy D.A. Alan Jackson requests “an immediate remand.” He cites previous criminal history, although this seems more a reference to Spector's history of menacing women with firearms. Two convictions during the 60s and 70s of possession or use of firearms.

“It is incumbent upon the court to protect society,” says Jackson.

Defense Attorney Doron Weinberg: The crimes to which Mr. Jackson refers are 32 years old and both were misdemeanors.

Judge Fidler: He is to be remanded.

Weinberg proposes Friday, 29 May is set as Spector's sentencing date.

“Yes,” Spector rasps in reply to Judge Fidler's question to the May 29 date. Moments later he is led away by bailiffs to county jail.

LA Weekly