Lakers head coach Phil Jackson said Wednesday that he was considering retirement following the championship season that ended last week with a win over the Boston Celtics. The coach, who has been with the Lakers on and off since 2000, is in negotiations to extend (or not) his contract one more year.

“Some of it's about health,” Jackson told the Associated Press. “Some of it is just the way I feel right now. It's hard not to think about coming back … but it's what I feel like right now.”

The coach, who has won 11 NBA titles, including five with the Lakers, said he's awaiting medical tests to make a final decision. He also indicated that going for another “threepeat” with the team was intriguing.

It's been widely reported that the Lakers want Jackson to stay, but at a discount.

“It would be tough not to go for another championship in that threepeat realm, which is ridiculous,” Jackson said. “That's one of those things that's sitting out there that's still a fly in the ointment.”

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