Since when was stuff allowed to be BANNED on the Las Vegas Strip, unregulated runway of all things debaucherous?

The Las Vegas Sun reports that government officials in Clark County (yeah, apparently Vegas is located within a real-life county, not just autonomous Vegasland) approved an ordinance today that bans all pets from the Strip.

Their reasoning, according to the Sun:

The ban ordinance, aimed at preventing animal cruelty and animal bites, does not apply between the hours of 5 a.m. and noon and excludes working animals.

The vote comes after complaints that panhandlers were using pets to solicit sympathy from passersby, inducing them to give them money.

Looks like Paris Hilton might have to start worrying harder about hiding her purse chihuahua than the white powdery substance it's sitting on.

Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani reportedly argued in favor of the ban today based on testimony from a California man who claimed he had been bit by one panhandler's dog. But really — how can those massive douche drinks, and the bros on the other end of the straw, be allowed to roam freely while homeless folks are forced to tie up their best friends in Vegas back-alleys?

And what about the prostitute peddlers? Did we mention the drunktards?

If you ask us, bans themselves should be banned on the Strip, before L.A.'s favorite escape route becomes another West Hollywood police state of clean air and cats with fingernails.

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