Peter Pan 

Imagine if Peter Pan had been a fucked-up teenage vagrant with a permanent hard-on, Wendy had been a cum-drenched junkie living in Brooklyn and Captain Hook had looked something like Mickey Rourke – you'd think to yourself, “I bet Larry Clark had something to do with this”. Well guess what, he does – I spoke to Larry this evening and he told me he had just come home to LA from NYC where they are casting for his new movie called Blood of Pan, a modern, Lost Boys-esque update on the classic fairy tale.

“The script is very, very dark and it is very good, and I was just in New York talking to Mickey Rourke about playing Hook” he told me. In the movie, Wendy is living in Brooklyn when Peter comes and finds her. “Let's just say Peter has been with a lot of Wendys,” he chuckled. I forgot to ask him whether Peter and Wendy actually do end up fucking – but put it this way, I'll definitely stop beliving in fairies if they don't.

Clark is also casting for another movie called Shame, which he co-wrote with David Reeves and is a re-make of Neil Jordan's Mona Lisa, this time set in New York City. “We wrote it three years ago and are ready to make it now,” he said.

Coincidentally, I ran into Kiko, one of the kids from Clark's last movie The Wassup Rockers on Sunday. He was skating down Hollywood Blvd. with two buddies and I was in my car on the way to Boardner's, where my fellow Style Councilor Lina was throwing her baby shower. I pulled over and we had a quick chat, and Kiko told me he is still skating everyday with Danny Minnick, the film's choreographer. He is adorable, so I took his number and plan to use it in two years when he is legal.


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