Peter Murphy Takes Human Steps: Bauhaus frontman and solo artist Peter Murphy told us about his La La La Human Steps Company experience.

Peter Murphy: In 1984, Beyhan Murphy (my wife) and I went to see the incredible La La La Human Steps Company in their first ever performance outside of their home country of Canada. It was at the ICA London on the Mall.  It was a GIG – a true experience – and I’ve seen many incredible theatre pieces and many bands.  This was the only time that the bristles on my back neck stood up, just like I knew Bauhaus did.

It was, in my head, and it may sound narcissistic, but it was the only show I’d seen as good as Bauhaus in its specific way.  La La La Human Steps featured Louise Lecavalier with Edouard Lock’s choreography and this became very famous in terms of Louise’s stunning body contact dancing and spinning around.  Musically they used triggered electronic rhythm sounds and some music elements, guitar; it was a small theatre piece but it was a GIG.

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