When Jacqueline Getty was getting divorced from Peter Getty last year, she asked the court for more than $500,000 a month to support her habit as a former member of the Getty clan.

A judge said no, and decided that the grandson of billionaire oil tycoon J. Paul Getty only had to cough up $83,000 a month.

But apparently, according to a lawsuit Jacqueline filed against Getty earlier this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Jacqueline isn't getting the cash Getty supposedly promised, to support her “in the manner in which [she] had been accustomed as a member of the 'Getty family.'”

According to the lawsuit, which was first reported by Courthouse News Service, Getty made promises to Jacqueline throughout their 18 years together – nine of which they were married – to maintain the “Getty lifestyle” for Jacqueline and her daughter, no matter what happened.

Well, divorce happened. And, according to Jacqueline, Getty decided to stop throwing huge sums of money her way.

She claims that Getty was supporting her from the time of their official breakup in May 2009 until September 2009, when he suddenly stopped.

“At that time,” the lawsuit states, “he withdrew the financial support to [Jacqueline] in the amounts which preserved the lifestyle [she] had become accustomed to and had been promised. Additionally, Peter Getty withdrew financial support for the payment of expenses which had been part of [their] regular and customary budget.”

Jacqueline Getty is suing her former husband for breaching an implied contract, though the lawsuit does not state how much mullah she is actually seeking.

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