Someone's trying to punk ex-Variety editor Peter Bart and Fox News bloodhound Bill O'Reilly with a fake email invitation to their pre-gay-wedding coming out parties.

LOL? Bart was certainly no force for diversity at L.A.-based showbiz publication Variety, but we never understood him to be a gay basher. O'Reilly is a grade-A right-wing a-hole, but he's better ignored than ignited.

What's the point?

Not sure. Here's what the annoucement, published at a Denver-registered website called, says, in part:

Bill O'Reilly.; Credit:

Bill O'Reilly.; Credit:

For many years I have been living a lie and masquerading as a happily married man but finally it is time for me to be honest.

I am Gay and I think I always have been I am dating Bill O'Reilly from Fox and we are very much in love Bill is ever so sweet in real life all the redneck stuff he spouts on Fox is just showbiz,In real life She is so sweet just this morning I awoke with a daisy chain on my pillow that Bill picked and left there with a note “Je T'aimerai Ma Cherie” She speaks French I could have melted.

A few days ago I awoke with a pink bow made from a Hermes scarf wrapped around my penis another memento of love from Bill.

She is so sweet in real life and we have both been living a lie and we both want to scream from the rooftops we are Gay and in Love.

We are getting married shortly and have found a wonderful house on Cape Cod and Bill and I will live out our years very much in love and every day a caress a knowing furtive glance and when we retire my love bunny Bill in my bed sheer bliss.

We also hope to open a small museum displaying Barbara Streisand memorabilia.

The prank smells so adolescent. Barbara Streisand memorabilia? Pink bow? Original.

Anyway, the note, goes on to invite us to these coming out, “party party” events:

2 July Chateau Marmont 8221 W Sunset Los Angeles

6 July The Pierre 2 E 61 ST NYC

10 July The Ritz Place Vendome Paris

14 July Brown's Hotel Albemarle St London

Okay. Hating Bill O'Reilly is so unoriginal (Al Franken pioneered that so long ago). But what did Bart do to piss you off?

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