We're already thinking of ways to shorthand Pet Airways, the new air service that will fly your pet in a plane's main cabin (not in its luggage hold), cared for by flight attendants (no owners are allowed aboard). There's PetAir, Peta-ir and just plain Pet'r. Or, as it will no doubt be formally called in West Hollywood and Berkeley, the Animal Companion Airway.

Flights begin July 14 (hmm, Bastille Day) with destinations including New York, Baltimore/D.C., Chicago, Denver-area, and Los Angeles. Fares run $199 to $299 each way (Homeland Security won't  become suspicious if your tabby is only flying one-way from New York to L.A.) Cats and dogs will fly inside carriers that are provided without charge, so there'll be no Snakes on a Plane nonsense. Or will there?

LA Weekly