Always on the look out for the marketing zeitgeist (the concept, not the bar – which serendipitously we were at last night for theMix agency party), noticed these “Personal Training for Dorks” flyers up around the conference center and desperately missed our gyms back home. The only “exercise” we get during conferences is circles we walk around Austin, San Francisco, etc. whenever our iPhone GPS malfunctions.

On that note, here are our top 5 tips to adjusting to life in the badge lane:

5. Put business cards IN your conference badge (this works for yours and others) – there's nothing worse than sifting through a pile of cards at the bottom of your bag and nothing more embarassing than handing out somebody else's card.

4. For the ladies, wear eyeliner – that way the dark circles under your eyes have nothing to do with the three hours of sleep you've had.

3. Bring a water bottle – the only reason anyone should drink three Diet Mountain Dews is, well actually there is NEVER any reason anyone should drink three Diet Mountain Dews.

2. Bring a jacket – hey people, it's not summer yet (BREAKING: SF GETS COLD AT NIGHT).

1. Don't even go to the conference – I just saw a friend on the Expo floor and she looked well rested and relaxed. I asked her what talk she was seeing next and she said, “Oh, I don't really know if I'm going to go to any of the talks.” Hence, no need for eyeliner.

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