Personal Struggle & Family Legacy Brings Innovation to Precious Market Market

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Brandon Aversano, the founder of Alloy Market, Inc., always had a knack for building things, which he attributes to his great-grandfather, Louis Field. Field was a first-generation Jewish American working as a welder in Philadelphia’s Naval shipyards. Without formal education, he learned metallurgy on the job and in the 1940s opened up a small business of his own fabricating aluminum tank trucks on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.

His business, Allied Tank, remained in the family into the early 2010s when his father and grandfather finally wound it down. Aversano fondly recalls spending time with his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father at the Allied plant located in Norristown, PA, citing it as the location of many treasured childhood memories and his early but in-depth education in metals and entrepreneurship.

A Personal Struggle Leads to A New Market Solution for Consumers

Nearly a decade after his family shuttered their metal business, a serious health challenge unexpectedly wound up bringing the family right back into the sector. In 2022, Brandon was diagnosed with cancer, which to him served as a wake-up call. He immediately jumped into action, focusing his sights on getting better and making sure others in his same position had equal access to care.

As the medical bills piled up, Brandon sought a way to generate some fast cash that wouldn’t require him to exert much energy. His experience trying to sell jewelry at two pawn shops and to an online buyer was extremely challenging, totally mystifying, and ended up producing no results. Aversano quickly realized that if selling gold or other types of jewelry was a problem for him, it was definitely a problem for other people, and he set out to solve that problem.

In 2023, Aversano founded Alloy, a company that buys gold, silver, and platinum jewelry from people at industry-leading prices with full transparency throughout the entire process. His vision for the company was to bring transparency to the opaque and often confusing trade of micro precious metals trading.

Citing the lack of an existing solution for consumers, Aversano shares that: “For far too long, folks were without a transparent and easy solution to exchange their gold and other jewelry for quick payouts from a reputable company. Selling jewelry is an important decision for people. Alloy is dedicated to helping our customers and we’re honored to have them put their trust in us when they choose us as their buyer. We’re committed to delivering an exceptional experience with industry-leading value and service throughout the entire process.”

Unlike other buyers, Alloy is upfront about its pricing and offers a simple, easy-to-use platform for selling gold and other jewelry. Alloy’s commitment to transparency, which will soon include an easily accessible full recording of the appraisal process for each and every item, ensures customers receive industry-leading prices for their gold or other jewelry without fear of foul play.

Aversano maintains a positive and optimistic attitude when it comes to his diagnosis. He even sees cancer as the defining moment in his life which pushed him into entrepreneurship. He says: “It’s an honor to carry on a legacy of family entrepreneurship particularly in Pennsylvania and especially after treating cancer. My great-grandfather certainly faced his fair share of obstacles too, including antisemitism at the time, and yet he persevered. More than 75 years after he founded Allied, I founded Alloy. Wherever they are, I hope that makes him and my grandfather proud.”

Since launching the company he has also raised and donated ~$5K for the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Early Traction Highlights Market Demand

Alloy has quickly become one of the leading buyers of gold and other types of jewelry in the country, due in no small part to their steadfast dedication to transparency and fairness in an industry that has been sorely lacking it. His passion for making a difference has not only led to Alloy’s success but has also helped build a more equitable and transparent jewelry exchange market for the everyday consumer.

Brandon’s approach to business is simple – he puts the customer first and he does that through transparency. Alloy’s process is designed to be simple and hassle-free, and customers can have peace of mind knowing they’re getting the best deal and in the most convenient way. The company provides regular updates on the status of the sale, including when the jewelry is received, tested, and weighed. If the customer is not satisfied with the offer, they can decline it and have their jewelry returned at no cost to them.

Brandon is excited to see Alloy bring positive change to an industry that needs it: “When folks are in the position where they either decide or need to sell their gold or other jewelry, they deserve to experience a fully transparent, easy to use, and value-driven sales process that doesn’t take advantage of them or waste their precious time. We take pride in being there for our customers when they choose to work with us and remain committed to transparency and ethics across every part of our business.”

About Alloy:

Alloy is bringing radical transparency to the precious metals exchange industry by offering consumers highly accurate upfront payout estimates, industry-leading payouts, and a guaranteed safe, secure, and enjoyable transaction experience. Consumers can expect a fast, safe, and easy process to exchange their gold, silver, and platinum jewelry or scrap metal for cash through a company committed to upholding radical transparency, promoting sustainability across the metals supply chain, and constantly adding consumer value.

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