Two months ago word came down that Perfecto Rocher was leaving his position at Smoke.Oil.Salt. In the meantime he returned to his native Spain, but now he's back in Los Angeles and launching a pop-up at Century City's Hinoki and the Bird. 

In October, Rocher will be setting up shop in the kitchen at Hinoki on Sunday and Monday nights as part of a new travel-inspired guest chef series. Sunday evenings will be paella nights, similar to the ones he used to do at Smoke.Oil.Salt. Monday evenings he'll be cooking five-course tasting menus, something that ought to perk up the ears of any self-respecting food lover in town. 

During his time at Smoke.Oil.Salt, Rocher was serving up some of the more creative food in town, so a tasting menu from him not bound by the constraints of the restaurant's theme ought to be fascinating, and likely delicious. It's a bit of an odd fit — after all, Hinoki is a Japanese-influenced restaurant and one of the last places you'd expect to find paella — but we're glad Rocher has found a spot to practice his trade while he's between more permanent projects. 

Rocher's pop-up will start Oct. 4 and 5. You can make reservations through the guest chef series' website, or by calling 424-284-2155.

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