“They’ll sit on your lap, put their titty in your mouth, grab your dick and say, ‘Today is your lucky day,’ ” writes musician Bill Callahan (a.k.a. Smog) in his Memphis-to-Prague tour diary. Callahan is one of more than 70 contributors to the second issue of the art-and-literature compendium Penny-Ante, edited by Rebekah Weikel. Eclectic doesn’t begin to cover it: Lavender Diamond’s sparkly tour posters; Nancy Sarrouf’s photos of a cracked-out Pete Doherty; collages by Dead Kennedys artist Winston Smith; Gris Gris front man Greg Ashley’s scrawled lyrics to a song called “Apple Pie and Genocide”; a portrait of a Native American chief by Jennifer Herrerma of RTX that will inspire and creep you out at the same time. Other contributors include Alice Bag, Entrance, Eric Layer, Mountain Party, L.A. Record, Spindrift, Nora Keyes, Holy Shit and Indian Jewelry.

On June 9 there’s a book-release party at the Sixth Street Gallery (1269 East Sixth Street, downtown), where for $15 you get an indie-tastic night of music (contributors Ariel Pink, Moris Tepper, RTX, Women and Children, and Jesus Lizard will be performing), plus a copy of the book to take home. Your coffee table will never be the same. www.penny-ante.net.

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