For those who have been complaining about the lack of Chinese food west of the San Gabriel Valley, a new contender is coming to town. A Northern Chinese Gastropub, fronted by one chef from Northern China and another from Hong Kong, will be opening on 8th and Spring by the end of the year.

Called Peking Tavern, the restaurant will be serving up authentic Northern Chinese food — handmade noodles and all. The pub is the brainchild of Andrew Chiu and Andrew Wong of the restaurant and hospitality consulting group, El Guapo.

Beijing food is not a unfamilar territory for Chiu and Wong. “My mother and wife were both born and raised in Beijing and I spent six years of my careen living there in the 90's,” Chiu told Squid Ink. Wong, on the other hand, grew up with a family that owned various Chinese restaurants.

“Our food is going to be totally authentic and comparable to, if not better than the best of SGV has to offer,” Chiu said. “Furthermore, we'll offer the total experience — great service, top-notch bar, and a guapo vibe all geared toward downtown residents, bar goers and thrill seekers.”

The chefs also have impressive pedigrees. One comes from Hong Kong and has also worked in Japan and in the States for many years, specializing in noodle and dumpling making. Another hails from Tianjin (a city in Northern China) and is helping them perfect the Northern Chinese taste. Expect pot-stickers, boiled dumplings (both with variety of fillings to choose from), beef roll and scallion pan cakes.

The bar program, Chiu added, is currently under development — but will complement the food and be filled with Beijing-inspired cocktails.

Peking Tavern: 810 South Spring St., Los Angeles.

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