Ladies, the first think you should know about existing in the world is that if you get groped, molested, or even raped, it's not because the perpetrator did something wrong, it's because you weren't defending yourself well enough.

That's why someone in Singapore created the following billboard, a photo of which was snapped by some savvy internet-er and posted to Buzzfeed. It presents a few handy rules for avoiding molestation. Because when you're out and about, you shouldn't be thinking about anything besides how to avoid being touched against your will:

Just to recap:

1. Shout for help

2. Avoid walking alone

3. Have someone escort you

That's how to prevent molestation. All we can hope for is that one day, there will be another billboard aimed at would-be molesters with the same kind of sage advice. You know, something that reads along the lines of DON'T MOLEST PEOPLE.

It only seems fair.

LA Weekly