L.A. (via Ottawa, Canada) band Peach Kelli Pop is the Ramones-esque project of multi-instrumentalist Allie Hanlon. They play Alex’s Bar in Long Beach this week, so we chatted…
L.A. WEEKLY: When did the band/project form, and what was the mission? What were you looking to do?
ALLIE HANLON: Peach Kelli Pop began in 2009 when I wanted to try writing my own songs. I taught myself how to play punk guitar and bass by listening to the Misfits and early Redd Kross.
Describe the sound…
The songs sound like music made by someone that loves anime and the Ramones.
Four albums in, how has the style developed/evolved?
I’ve become a better musician and songwriter. I also learned to delegate and ask for help along the way.
What can we expect from this set at Alex’s Bar?
We are excited to play new material including the latest EP, Which Witch, the whole way through from start to finish. It’s an EP with six one minute long songs.
When they’re done, what else do you have coming up this year?
Recording a new LP! I’m about halfway done writing songs for it.
Peach Kelli Pop plays with Necking, Emma Lee Toyoda and Yaawn at 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 18 at Alex’s Bar.

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