If your wallet got a little fatter in 2016, you weren’t alone.

Despite the bad reputation the year got — celebrity deaths, rising rents and the presidential election weighed on us all — it did deliver a strong indicator that the Great Recession is long behind us. The latest data from job search site Glassdoor say Angelenos enjoyed a 3.4 percent wage increase compared with last year.

The site’s latest Local Pay Reports say median income for L.A. full-timers is $59,260. Our 3.4 percent wage increase beats the national pay boost of 2.7 percent. The pay hike, however, isn’t enough to keep up with rising rents. Apartment listings site Zumper says rents grew 5.2 percent on average in L.A. in 2016. Nearly one-third of renters pay half or more of their income to keep a roof over their heads.

Median pay nationwide is $51,750 per year, Glassdoor found. The pay figures are higher than normal. For example, the median individual income in Los Angeles County is $27,987. However, Glassdoor says it bases its figures on more than 60 job titles it tracks through self-reported data. All of the gigs are full-time positions with annual salaries, a spokeswoman told us previously.

The big raises in 2016 went to $58,238-a-year customer service managers (up 7.1 percent compared with 2015) and to $59,999-a-year recruiters (up 6.4 percent), the report states. The best-paid pros in L.A. last year were doctors ($230,780 a year, on average) and product managers ($107,440), according to Glassdoor.

The lowest-paid workers won’t surprise you: They were cashiers ($31,388) and cooks ($33,159), the report found. Superstar chefs were not listed.

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