Patrick Ames Debuts “Somehow I’ll Find a Way” – A Heartfelt Ode to the Struggles of Songwriting

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Multifaceted composer, Patrick Ames, returns with a fresh and poignant single, “Somehow I’ll Find a Way”, a testament to the trials and tribulations of songwriting. This emotive and candid piece follows his highly praised album, Harmonium (2022), further refining his unique blend of powerful lyrics and melodies.

In collaboration with long-time partner Jon Ireson, Ames takes us on a journey into Americana with “Somehow I’ll Find a Way”. The tongue-in-cheek track narrates the story of a songwriter who contemplates quitting his craft while driving home from a performance he’s just abandoned. With its infectious melody and lively rhythm, you’ll find yourself humming along and tapping out the beat on your steering wheel.

Hailing from California’s wine country, Ames is a true storyteller and wordsmith. His diverse inspirations and raw, emotional style give his music a profound depth that is both heartbreaking and captivating. Fusing elements of dark melancholy, hopeless romance, and unwavering artistic conviction, Ames’s DIY approach to recording lends a sense of authenticity and immediacy to his work.

Passion is at the core of his identity, fueling his love for writing, literature, lyrics, poetry, music, nature, spirituality, psychology, activism, and education. As Ames himself puts it, “Wine makes you passionate.”

Growing up in a music-filled household, Ames developed a deep connection to the art form. His mother, an opera singer and church choir member, introduced him to a world of diverse influences, from Motown to Puccini. At 14, Ames began writing songs, and after a hiatus during his professional career, he rekindled his love for music and hasn’t looked back since.

With a background in technical book publishing, Ames sees parallels between his previous work and his current endeavors as a music producer. To him, both involve creating a finished piece of communication, a process he likens to a drug that keeps him coming back for more.

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Now in his early 60s, Ames has channeled his experience as a wordsmith, publisher, and dedicated musician into a series of EPs and LPs, establishing his distinct, gravelly voice and thoughtful lyrics. His storytelling approach to songwriting shines through as he weaves evocative musical and lyrical riffs into compelling narratives.

Ames’s previous EP, All I Do Is Bleed, exemplifies his ability to traverse various musical genres while conveying stories and emotions. With elements of R&B, American Top 40, classical crossover, and Latin folk and pop, the EP showcases the diverse influences that inform his work. His collaborations with vocalists Chana and Mikaela Matthews and Argentinian guitarist Paulo Augustin Rzeszut add further richness to his sound.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, Ames’s lyrics are laced with sardonic humor and candid delivery. This unique flair is evident in lines such as “While you were making babies, I sat on the sofa all by myself. While you were making babies, I decided to go down and visit hell.”

Residing in a Napa vineyard, Ames finds inspiration in the idyllic landscape and describes his music as “wine country music”. This distinctive blend of folk, rock, Motown, and choral music carries an intellectual and artistic edge and is best enjoyed with a glass of wine in hand.

Married to women’s rights advocate, Elizabeth Ames, and father to one son, Ames performs at small venues across the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley, seeking to establish a close connection with his listeners. As his latest single, “Somehow I’ll Find a Way”, demonstrates, he continues to evolve and enchant fans with his compelling narratives and musical prowess.

To learn more about Patrick Ames and his music, visit his official website. You can also listen to “Somehow I’ll Find a Way” on Bandcamp.

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