Passion Is Earned, Not Chased – Renowned Success Coach Seif El Hakim on Finding Your Passion

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Passion is a term that is thrown around quite often, but how often have we actually thought about what it truly means to find our passion? Seif El Hakim, a successful entrepreneur and international businessman, has a different perspective on the concept of passion. According to him, passion is not something that we find; it is something that we practice and earn through our hard work and dedication.

In Seif’s view, finding your passion is not about asking yourself what you’re passionate about; it’s about taking action and creating it. Passion is something that is built over time by putting in the effort and time required to achieve your goals. Seif believes that success is not left up to chance, but rather it is something that we can control.

The subject of what you assume to be passionate about is not as important as the process of creation itself, according to Seif. He believes that one should enjoy the creative journey, including the trials, errors, and obstacles that come with it. The process of learning from failures and improving is where true passion is found.

Seif’s own success is a testament to his beliefs. He started as a Product Manager at Samsung Electronics and worked his way up to the position of Chief Marketing Officer through dedication and consistency. After leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, he remained true to his mantra of “starting wherever you are and sinking deep into the process.”

As the founder of several successful companies, Seif El Hakim Co. and 10xBUZZ, 10xVibez, and the co-founder and global CEO of the Momentum group of companies, Seif’s aim is to encourage others to understand that healthy passion is something that is earned, not chased. Success is attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the effort and commitment required to achieve their goals.

Seif’s progressive ideas about passion are enlightening and inspiring. The idea of creating and practicing your passion, rather than simply finding it, is empowering and encourages individuals to take control of their lives. Seif’s belief that success is within our control and that hard work and dedication are the keys to achieving it is a message that resonates with many people. As Seif states, “Start wherever you are and sink deep into the process.”

Currently, the founder of several companies, Seif El Hakim Co. and 10xBUZZ, and co-founder and global CEO of the Momentum group of companies, Seif wants to promote the notion that “Healthy passion is just like confidence – you have to earn it. You can’t chase it.” He’s making climbing the ladder to success a viable and achievable idea.

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