There’s something about ’60s dance music that simply lends itself to getting sweaty — like, soaked sweaty. Like slimy!

At Green Slime, a groovy dance party celebrating the intoxicating sounds of the era, expect to get your dapper suit or smart mini and go-go boots damp on the dance floor. Roger Mars (Cretin Hop) and Rick Barzell (Beat Bait/L’Aura Moiré) host this groovy, grindy shindig, and they spin an unrelenting mix of fuzzy-guitar garage and trippy psychedelia — on vinyl only, natch.

Special guests often pop in — this week they’ve got Jackie Hoodoo of the Black Eyed Soul Club (the much-missed mod party that was always pure madness), slaying the slime with rare and beloved soul sensations.


1455 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park | Sat., Sept. 5, 9 p.m. | free |

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