“EDM” is for wimps. When it comes to visceral electronic soundscapes, “EBM” goes beyond dance music. It’s “body” music. (That’s what the “B” stands for.)

Belgian beat-drivers Front 242 pioneered the genre with their dissonant grooves and brutal bass lines, and at industrial clubs such as Das Bunker, their dark depths make them a staple in DJs’ crates and laptops. So it’s about time Bunker brings the band back to L.A., to play here live for the first time in more than a decade.

This requires a mega-club environment, and Avalon should fit the bill. To make things extra-bombastic, some clamorous local talent starts the night off, three local noise duos with big followings: Youth Code, known for their clash of punk rock and industrial; High-Functioning Flesh, who maintain a melodic flair even as they maul your eardrums; and Pure Ground, a minimal synth-wave band who spew maximum energy onstage.

A relentless evening all around, this bash is not for every “body.” Expect Avalon to be thumping with hard ragers, not ravers.


1735 N. Vine St. Hollywood | Sun., Sept. 27, 6 p.m. | $34-$40 | all ages | dasbunker.org

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