When does increasing revenue lose a city money? The answer, Daily News writer Rick Orlov reports, is when parking meter rates go up — they are scheduled to, thanks to an L.A. City Council vote. Orlov reported that “Council members “suggested that the increase – in some cases going from $1 an hour to $4 an hour – may be causing customers to stay away from Los Angeles businesses in some areas, decreasing the city's take from sales tax.” Especially hard-hit, council members predicted Tuesday, would be restaurant owners, whose customers tend to prefer street parking over valeted lots.

A Monday L.A. Times story by Jennifer Oldham reported that North Hollywood's Arts District is already facing the specter of extended-hours street parking that could require theatergoers to put money in meters throughout a play's performance. Added to that are concerns that local residents will see their streets clogged as more shoppers and diners seek unticketed parking further and further away from their commercial destinations. NIMBYism and irate parking-ticketholders — a perfect formula for urban rage in a cash-strapped city.

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