You’re never too far gone to get in shape. Whether you just want to get healthier or are ready to join the fitness greats on stage at competitions, we all have to start sometime, somewhere. In this week’s episode of the L.A. Weekly podcast, host Brian Calle and producer Bryan Escalante get candid with body builder, fitness model, personal trainer and entrepreneur Parker Egerton (known to his 500K+ followers as Parker Physique) about all things physical fitness. 

“I’ve always been into working out and into fitness, since I was about 14 years old. And I kept seeing all these guys posting these great workout videos and have a following, and I just thought to myself: ‘I can do this.’ I really wanted to try it,” explains our guest. His following began on the heels of his supplement company, a successful venture where he remained private regarding his ownership. 

“I started promoting Parker Physique through my supplement company. I was learning how to brand and I became pretty good at it. That’s how I was able to grow [my following],” he continues. 

What does he say to those of us that haven’t been working out since we were 14, but still hope to become shredded like he is?

“Nothing’s impossible by any means,” he tells us. “You can always achieve your goals.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Egerton

When he began weighing his meals and taking his nutrition seriously is when he began to see the most solid results. 

“I really started weighing my meals and taking the nutrition side of it seriously when I was 24 or 25. And that’s when you really see most results, when you learn nutrition, when you learn your macronutrients … you can really start manipulating your body … and seeing what works for you.” 

Really committed to changing your physique? Weigh your meals, advises the bodybuilder. 

“Even though I can eyeball it and know the roundabout macros, you really need to weigh it. That’s where you’re going to find how to change your physique and [get it] the way you want it,” he says. It’s all about what you eat. 

Having a partner in your fitness journey helps. Whether it’s a well-meaning friend that gently reminds you to stay on track, or a wife that’s just as dedicated to the gym life as you are, people supporting you are key to your continued success. 

“I tell people all the time that if my wife wasn’t into it as well, it would be a lot more difficult for me to be where I am,” says Parker. “Luckily she is, so it’s easier for us to keep the clean food in the house and watch what we’re eating.”

Whether you’re working out to get competition-ready, or just because you envision your ideal body as something different than it is now, Parker has a workout for you. 

“Nutrition is the key secret to really obtaining the physique you want. It really boils down to that,” he explains. “I tell all of our clients to have fun in the gym, to take it seriously but have fun with it. But when it really comes to changing your physique and really seeing results, that’s the nutrition.”

What are the secrets to flipping that switch in your brain? The one that hones in on healthy eating and makes your fitness goals a priority? 

“I just ask ‘how badly do you really want it?’ I just look them dead in the eyes and say ‘do you really want it that badly? Because if you do you’re not going to make the excuse, you’re going to do it,’” Parker answers. 

How about people who have never taken fitness seriously, adults in their late 20s and 30s who want to get into shape but have no idea where to start, because this kind of wellness lifestyle was never on their radar?

“I basically dare them to make a 30 day commitment to themselves and really follow it for a month. They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. I say give nutrition 30 days, follow it to the T, and see the changes you actually make to your body,” answers Parker. “Because the majority of people after that point … I feel they’re going to like the changes so much that they’re going to want to take it further.”

“Once they see the changes and how nutrition really plays a key role, they’re going to stay committed,” he continues. 

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