Parker Matthews: The Heartfelt Story Behind ‘Layover’ and His Journey to Musical Success

LA-based singer and songwriter Parker Matthews has quickly earned his spot in the global music scene, with his work attracting massive attention in and out of the country. His latest single, “Layover”, out now on Spotify, has been highly praised by fans and others in the industry, with many acknowledging Matthews’ unique style, sound, and even the message behind it. The fast-rising artist shared with us the inspiration behind “Layover” and how he got into music.

Parker Matthews uncovered his passion for music at a young age. He grew up being bullied at school, and to ‘escape’, he started listening to music. He always wore headphones to distract himself from the world. At home, things were challenging. His parents were going through a divorce, and he felt like everything he believed in was crashing, pushing him to go all in.

Matthews buried himself deep in music, listening to the likes of Adele, Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera. “I spent every moment with headphones on, listening to records that helped me escape. These songs were my peace, and I wanted to help others who were also struggling, which is one of the main reasons I began writing my own songs,” Matthews says.

He draws inspiration from his personal story and music legends like Whitney Houston. According to Matthews, Whitney, Adele, and Christina helped him find his own tone and style and understand what it means to really sing. Through his music, he aims to encourage, inspire, and motivate others, showing the listener that everything will be alright. Parker Matthew’s songs explore themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and love and relationships, as evident in his latest release, “Layover”.

Layover” follows Matthews’ real-life story. In 2020, he met a flight attendant on his layover. He was there for only 4 days, but as soon as they met, they really hit it off and spent the whole trip together.

“It was refreshing to find a connection like this in a city of shallow and unromantic interactions, especially in the queer digital dating world,” Matthews says. Though the two stayed in touch once he returned to Europe, he found love closer to home. “At that moment, I realized I was both a physical and emotional layover for him. Thus “Layover” was born, on the way to someone else.”

“Layover” is written by Parker Matthews, Myah Marie (who wrote and recorded songs with Britney Spears), and producer Michael Blum. The track has been well-received, with fans describing the lyrics as “meaningful, well-written, and has a strong emotional impact.” “Layover” is available on all streaming platforms. It debuted on CelebSecrets, as well as on Apple Music’s Heartache editorial playlist, and Loku, one of YouTube’s most popular lyric video channels.

As he continues to rise, Parker Matthews is already working on his next project. He has several new singles, including “Cuz I Want You” out Friday, April 21, all of which will culminate in his first full-length album. He is also working on more performances, a global tour, and building a mental health community. The talented singer says he is exploring partnerships with organizations for mental health and suicide awareness, especially those that help protect the LGBTQ+ community. You can presave “Cuz I want You” HERE!

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