NGHTMRE will be taking over Insomniac’s Park ‘N Rave concert series on Friday, an event which offers the perfect opportunity to catch up with the L.A. DJ and producer. The man born Tyler Marenyi has had a big couple of years that have seen him evolve greatly since his debut Nuclear Bonds EP.

“Man that feels like so long ago,” he says. “I think musically my engineer’s skills have evolved quite a bit since then. When I made that EP with Slander we were really just experimenting and coming up with cool new stuff. A lot of the sounds we were making at the time were new to us and to the scene. Now it feels like there are 10 million producers and engineers who could make something as cool. I’ve really been just focusing on writing what sounds most like me and represents what I like. Before I was a bit focused on what would do well in my shows, or things that other producers would want to play in their own set. I think having that personal twist always sets you apart.”

Today, he finds it hard to put a finger on his sound, stating that he listens to and produces all styles of music.

“I fell in love with high energy bass music when I was younger and it’s still my favorite to make,” he says. “I also grew up listening to quite a bit of rock and hip hop all while playing piano and drums. I see my sound as blend of all my influences: hip-hop, rock, melodic electronic music, heavy bass music.”

COVID has of course slowed everything down, but NGHTMRE still says that this is a healthy and exciting time for music.

“More and more people everyday  have access to the tools to be creative and express themselves through music,” he says. “I also know for a fact that tons of artists have been at home this entire year writing music because they are not touring. When we all come back, fans will have new energy, DJs will have new energy, artists will have new music, and I believe there will be a lot of forward movement for the music industry as a whole.”

The artist says that he spent the four and a half years prior to the lockdown on tour, so he’s been relishing the chance to knuckle down in the studio.

“I have definitely written the best music of my career,” he says. “I’m really just trying to keep myself and all my friends and family safe while using this time to create.”

Park ‘N Rave offers NGHTMRE the chance to showcase that new music.

“I’m making brand new sets for the first two days,” he says. “I haven’t played in awhile so there is so much new music I’m excited to play for the first time. Then the third day I’m creating a special throwback set. Just some of my all-time favorite bangers and songs that have always had a great live reaction. As well as some older NGHTMRE songs that usually don’t see the festival stage. I’m excited to get back to performing and to share this new album I have been writing.”

The Park ‘N Rave Festival kicks off at 6 p.m. PT on Friday, February 12. He also performs on Saturday and Sunday. Get all info here.

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