Remember when Paris Hilton's dog house photos broke on the Internet a while back? She posted the pics on Twitter, then Life & Style did a “profile” of the doggie mansion. Or maybe it was the other way around. That sequence of events is lost to time. And by lost to time, I mean, who cares. Anyway, Paris paid $325,000 for the Faye Resnick-designed dog house (Resnick, if you recall, is famous for being a witness in the OJ trial).

Well Paris' dog mansion is nothing. At least, if this other extravagant $406,000 one is any indication. A “lady surgeon” in Gloucestershire built it for her great danes.

Paris Hilton's dog house is a miniature version of her own house. It has Philippe Starck furniture, heat and airconditioning, a black crystal chandelier (also matching the one in Paris' living room).

But the lady surgeon's dog's house (see floorplan below) totally kicks Paris's dog's house's butt. Just look at the amenities. I mean, retina scan entry for dogs? Webcams? Temperature controlled dog-spa with purification system? Self-cleaning food and water bowls? A 52-inch plasma TV!?

For 75K more, the lady surgeon packed a hell of a lot more functionality into her dog house than Paris did.

LA Weekly