It's been a rough week for raves in L.A. As the Los Angeles Times blew the lid off a strange relationship between the public Coliseum's events manager and the controversial promoter of megaraves there, a prominent Coliseum leader said a ban of the parties at the taxpayer-owned venue is a strong possibility.

That would be a bummer for Insomniac Events: The office of Councilman Bernard Parks tells us summer's two-day Electric Daisy Carnival at the Coliseum generates $33 million in revenue, even if it sent 200 people to seek medical help last year. Whew. $33 mil. That's, like Paris Hilton money.

And who happens to come along with a MAJOR endorsement of Insomniac this week?

Yep, Ms. Paree, who tweets:

“Can't wait for this event! Going to be incredible and so much fun! Such a great line up!”

The event in question is called Beyond Wonderland, and it happens March 19 and 20 not at the Coliseum but at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino.

That lineup? Not bad: Kaskade, Dirty South, Calvin Harris, Funkagenda, and more.

Does Hilton know Dirty South from Diddy? Don't think so.

Still, massive, massive shout, considering that Hilton gets paid for lesser nods — for example, to appear and some guido'd out bottle-service club in Vegas.

And what a coincidence, she gives the party a big-up on the same day Insomniac announces the lineup. Huh.

Can't really picture Paris Hilton glowsticking in her Louboutins, but we have spotted her at Coachella and in Miami during the DJ-industry retreat known as the Winter Music Conference, so you never know, maybe she will make a special (unpaid, of course) appearance in lovely San Bernardino.

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