Paradise Kitty Wanna Take You Down to the Whisky: This all-female tribute to local heroes Guns N’ Roses have been on the circuit for a while, much like Lez Zeppelin and The Iron Maidens. Importantly though, they always deliver. A much welcome tribute with a twist.

We chatted with them back in 2019, when they told us that, “Bonding over a love of good rock & roll and stage sweat, we (Jenna Syde-singer and Rachael Rine-drummer) came together in 2015 to form the all girl Guns n’Roses tribute Paradise Kitty.  We’ve been breaking hearts all over the world and running from the law all ever since. “

We asked what females bring to the songs that men can’t. “Maybe it’s more fun to watch us sweat? Really we are just a bunch of musicians playing great songs from a great band. We throw one hell of a party every night on stage and we are lucky that people dig it. Gn’R has some wild fans and we’re fortunate to be embraced by their amazing rock & roll family. One guy was even crazy enough to fly from down under to see us play!”

Of the reformation of Guns N’ Roses, they said: “Knowing of the secret reunion before it was public knowledge was part of our inspiration to start Paradise Kitty. We are honored that the members of Gn’R love and support what we do. It was very important to us to have their seal of approval before moving forward with this band.  Their fan club even had us play parties and events around their tour in some cities across the US.  We can’t further incriminate ourselves telling you how much fun we’ve had… after all the law is still on our tails.”

Paradise Kitty Wanna Take You Down to the Whisky: The event tales place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 27 at the Whisky A Go Go.

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