We're not sure what's more impressive: that rapper Mac Lethal can cook pancakes while rapping over the beat to Chris Brown's “Look At Me Now” or that his spoof song, “Cook With Me Now,” actually sounds better than the original version. Either way, it's impressive to watch a man griddle a perfect, golden-brown hotcake while dropping insightful culinary and life lessons like:

Yo, yellow cheese, eggs

White pancake batter

Put a little bit up on the skillet

When it starts to bubble flip it over with your spatula.

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Gonna pucker up my lips to barf

Gonna choke like a rapper in his hipster scarf

I'm never gonna put another piece of music I deliver really hip

That isn't genuine and grips the heart

Winter's hard

So have some pancakes

“Cook with Me” has become a viral sensation with over 2.7 million views on YouTube since it was posted on November 30th. If he's taking more suggestions, we hope Mac Lethal, who let his Facebook fans pick “Look At Me Now” as the beat of choice, sticks with the food theme.

Winter is hard. We could us a rap about soup, hot cocoa or gingerbread cookies.

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