It's hard enough operating a food truck in L.A. these days. Every kid with a parental bank account and a certificate from the local Le Cordon Bleu® (thanks Mom!) is opening a shiny roving taqueria (let us guess) with Asian influences (thanks Kogi!). 'Cause what L.A. really needs is another calbi/lettuce cup/pad ka pao (actually that last one sounds kind of good) burrito made by a middle class white kid who grew up in Gross Pointe.

Then the county moves in and says even though you have wheels, you still have to post a health grade like brick-and-mortar spots. Oh, and you have to have access to a restroom. Great. Good luck with that, midnight taco trailer at Third and Western.

(Opening a food truck today must be like studying for your real estate license in 2007 – because you're sure you're going to flip that shit and make a killing, but the wave has long crested, friends).

And now, people are robbing your ass. That's right:

The LAPD reports this week that two food trucks and two pedestrians along West Eighth Street in Koreatown were hit by the same two suspects twenty minutes apart on Dec. 29 starting at 10:30 p.m.

At that time the two walkers and one truck were hit by the duo in the 3200 block of West Eighth. Then the pair struck at another coach in the 4000 block.

Cops want you you to watch the video (preferably while downing mobile-prepared cemitas) and see if you recognize the bad guys. If you do come across this pair of gastronomical stick-up artists, don't try to hit 'em with that gourmet banh mi you just purchased at your fave, Twitter-approved lunch-mobile. Call the 5-0 at 213-382-9460.

Bon appetit.

LA Weekly