Although the U.K. has been swooning for her for some time now, Nashville's Caitlin Rose wasn't nationally known when we stumbled upon her debut album, Own Side Now. But expect her tour, which comes to Largoon Friday night, to change all that.

Back in early March, we said, “With the world-weariness of an old-timer, and a voice that sounds like a dusty pair of cowboy boots walking into a pink-hued sunset, Own Side Now is country music that will please all those folks pining for the Patsy Cline days.” We haven't wavered.

Rose told us about hanging out in her hometown bars and hanging up her heartbreak. “I like comfortable bars. I've been going to the 5 Spot in East Nashville for a long time now, and there's always at least one person I know there. I like Dino's Bar & Grill on Gallatin for the jukebox and cheap beer, and I used to work at a place down the street called Bobby's Dairy Dip that's got a good drive-up burger-joint vibe and plays awesome music. Station Inn in the Gulch has been there a lot longer than all the yuppie shit they built up around it, and Robert's Western World on Broadway is the best of the honky-tonks for me.”

L.A. WEEKLY: Your love songs are pretty lonely. What's the best way to get over the worst way a boy's ever broken your heart?

CAITLIN ROSE: Make a record. When I first recorded “New York,” I had just been dumped by my high school sweetheart and was all kinds of tore up about it, but New York is a fine distraction when you're 18.

Best album to listen to when you're happy/sad?

My favorite album right now is Gerry Rafferty's City to City. Anywhere, anytime, any feeling.

The three things you can't do without in the studio are:

1. Jeremy Fetzer and the way he plays his Telecaster

2. Trashy pulp novel (or trashy Fleetwood Mac tell-all)

3. Doritos

What should a boy know about a Southern girl?

A real Southern girl will smile at people even if they're not smiling back.

Caitlin Rose performs Fri., April 8, 8:30 p.m. at Largo, 366 N. La Cienega Blvd. All ages.

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