This week in cut 'n' paste blurbstruction: “Intense and realistic, equally involved with personal stories and social issues, Beneath the Veil takes us inside a slice of life in the Middle East we rarely see and makes our time there hard to shake off. But though societal pressures are a key aspect of the play, it is first and foremost a gritty yet comedic glimpse into private lives, and how women cope with stresses that are at once personal, cultural and political, anxieties that have complicated causes and no easy answers. The portrait of life is grim but Mary Apick delights with mimetic detail, empathy and the deep drama of sheer human survival. Add to the mix, hypnotic dance sequences to a drumbeat, choreographed by Apick and performed and featuring a live vocal performance by international singing sensation Shani Rigsbee.”

Mon., March 16, 8 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly