“.?.?. MAN, YOU GOT TO PUT this guy in your movie, just a few scenes, man, you owe me, you know what? .?.?. Hey, it’s gonna be great .?.?. You coming by the club? You come by my club tonight, man, gonna be lotso great music, I treat you right, you gotta come, lotso music, really hot, really happening, man .?.?. Hey, what? .?.?. About 700, 850 thousand dollars, man .?.?. Yeah, hey man, you know I got this sweet girlfriend, you got put her in your pic, man, really, for me, man .?.?. Listen she so hot, she suck my dick like wow, man, wow .?.?. You gotta put her in, man, for me, man .?.?. She just turned lesbian, man, she is really hot .?.?. yeah .?.?. too bad for me .?.?. Okay .?.?. I see you at the club tonight, man .?.?. You gotta, man .?.?. Okay .?.?. See you there .?.?. ”

And, no, he didn’t wash his hands.

LA Weekly