Now that we've fully recovered from our post-holiday blues and it's officially summer, Julyuary is turning out to be one hell of a month. For starters, we lost one of our favorite radio stations, Indie 103.1 FM, seemingly overnight. So perhaps it's appropriate that this past weekend was all about the music, kicking off with the NAMM convention Thursday through Sunday in Anaheim, and two killer performances by Indie 103.1 fave bands Delta Spirit and Autolux here in Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday. Oh, and let's not forget Pasadena's wild and wacky, 32nd annual Doo Dah Parade. Read on for details…

The NAMM Show 2009

For over 100 years, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) has brought together fans, musicians and manufacturers for a who's who and a what's what of music making. Liz Ohanesian reports, “Every year, tens of thousands of musicians and suits from across the

globe descend upon the NAMM Show in search of that perfect piece of

gear, whether it be a guitar, mixing board or percussion instrument … But, what makes attending the NAMM

show a truly mind-boggling experience isn't what physically exists

inside the Convention Center, it's the knowledge that a future of music

that few anticipated is not only here, but is evolving faster than the

time it takes to download an MP3.” Read more in Ohanesian's, “The Future is Here: Swimming Through the Flood of New DJ Gear at NAMM.”

Delta Spirit Performs Sold-Out Gig at El Rey

Delta Spirit packed the house at the El Rey on Friday. Everest joined the night's lineup while on break from the Neil Young tour, but it was Delta Spirit that had the crowd dancing in the isles well into the night. The Watson twins also made a guest appearance. Check out more photos in Timothy Norris' slideshow.

Autolux Debuts News Songs at Henry Fonda

With a new album in the works, Autolux took the Henry Fonda stage on Saturday before a packed house to debut a few songs for their hometown. L.A. Weekly showed up early and crashed their sound check to get an early glimpse of what the night had in store. The band has some great stuff on the way; our iPods can hardly wait. Wooden Shjips from San Francisco opened the show. Check out Timothy Norris' slideshow of photos from sound check and the peformance.

32nd Annual Doo Dah Parade Invades Pasadena

Described as the “boisterous, twisted sister to Pasadena's prim and proper Rose Parade,” the Doo Dah Parade celebrated 32 years of mayhem as it descended upon Old Pasadena on Sunday. There were giant rabbits with chainsaws, UFOs, Xenu, cows on roller skates, fabulous Furries and the belle of the bash, Queen Skittles. View all the mayhem in S. Taylor's Doo Dah slideshow.

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