Think nodody dresses up to go out in LA anymore? At live spots like The Echo and Safari Sams or bars like The Short Stop or The Beauty Bar, that might be true (spending hours in front of the mirror to perfect that mismatched/bed-head/I don’t give a fuck look, no matter how much time and energy is involved, is dressing down, clowns).

Despite the boho scarecrow mess favored by club kiddies these days, there is nothing wrong with wearing styled hair, the perfect matching bag and sexy heels- even if you happen to be a hip chick.

Case in point: these retro hotties we snapped at the Mondo Hollywood event at the Knitting Factory last Saturday (afternoon!). Okay we think they’re burlesque performers or something, but these were not their performing outfits- they were just hangin’ by the bar enjoying a couple cocktails and looking fabulous.

Note, that all three gals are wearing satin (not the easiest fabric to pull off) and each is doing a different hue perfect for her skin type (phonecalls about what each were wearing were definitely made). Middle mama is rocking a L.A.M.B leopard bag, which brings a modern twist to her look, and we’re loving the flip dos on all three. (Gwen Stefani would be proud).

Alas, superstars like Gwen and rockabilly/burlesque chicks always seem to look this put together. Let’s all take a clothing and style cue from these lovelies the next time we go out, shall we? You don’t have to do heels or body-huggin satin either, just some bright red lipstick and a comb through should do just fine. After all, ya cant be va-va voom, if ya don’t groom!

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