Last week we started a new Style Council feature in which we spotlight a stylish scenester out on the town, and we chose a gal who really stood out from the crowd of carbon-copy cuties around her at The Kress, the fancy schmancy new restaurant and nightclub in Hollywood.

The sentiment on her Hysteric Glamour-looking, Forever 21-bought tee, proclaimed “Rehab is the New Black” and while it's a silly slogan, it is pop-culture appropo. (It'll be tre-cool in about 10 years).

Still, nothing will ever really be the “new black” and we were reminded of that last week when we ran into fashion maven Kelly Cutrone at the Gibson Through The Lens event at the Sunset Marquis Hotel and Villas. Cutrone (who basically runs fashion week in NYC and LA) always has that quickly thrown together, effortlessly cool thing goin' on and yes, she wears a lot of black. At the Sunset Marquis party she wore a plain jet-hued top and skirt with leggings and spiffied it up with black and white wing-tips.

But, the best thing about her ensemble? The fact that her pal, designer Jeremy Scott was pretty much wearing the exact same thing! Black tee (with some Keith Haring type logo) and bottoms… and check out the shoes!

Cutrone said it was a total coinky dink.

Take note style heads: no matter what happens in fashion, LBDs, LBTs, LBPs and B&W combos will never be “out.”

Read more about the Gibson event, plus the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Tony Hawk party, and all the week's X Games excess in this week's Nightranger and look for another fabulous “Outfit of the Week” here next Friday.

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