Are you a food lover or a film buff? But why pigeonhole ourselves. For those of us who refuse categorization, there's the upcoming Outdoor Cinema Food Fest, a summer celebration of both film and food. On eight upcoming Saturday nights, fans of good movies and great food (or both) are invited to convene at an L.A. park to enjoy a film on the big screen, (biggest outdoor screen on the west coast, in fact) as well as eats from the many food trucks that will be making an appearance.

Up first on July 10th, Swingers will play at Grand Hope Park downtown. They're keeping mum as far as which food trucks will be on site when, but the list of participants – including Frysmith, NomNom, Buttermilk, Coolhaus, the Grilled Cheese Truck and many more – indicates you can't really miss. The lineup of films is also pretty stellar, with The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction, The Hangover and The Breakfast Club all in the hopper, accompanied by a whole new batch of food trucks, of course. The full schedule is available on the event's website, and it's recommended you purchase tickets in advance.

LA Weekly