As the Los Angeles City Council this week finally passed a medical marijuana ordinance that will shut down most of the town's freewheeling pot shops, but some of the smarter folks here at LA Weekly have been saying so what: The city can pass all the laws it wants but it rarely puts teeth into enforcement. New City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is the wild card in this equation — he certainly strikes fear into some — but in general, the city is about as lame as the Clippers on a good day when it comes to cracking down on business scofflaws.

Case in point: While the City Council has moved to limit billboards, supergraphics and other outdoor advertising signs, court challenges have inspired settlements with outdoor advertising companies to allow at least 92 digital signs to crop up around L.A. (Way to crack down). The city, in fact, appears to have refused to enforce some of its signage rules, and guerilla activists are now doing their own enforcement, reports LAist.

The site reports that someone has been slapping official-looking, city-like notices on allegedly illegal advertisements stating “Notice: Illegal Sign.” Bob Steinbach, a spokesman for the Department of Building & Safety, told LAist the DIY enforcers are “renegade sign bandits.”

Anti-billboard-blight activist Dennis Hathway said “it shows how fed up people are with the fact the city hasn't been able to do anything about these illegal signs …”

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