It's fairly startling when you're at an art opening and you hear the artist speaking in calm, measured tones echoing, to the trained ear, her earlier life– a life in which you remember her saying things like, “The director of the corporation tried to give me syphilis by wiping his cock on my sandwich.” That's from the SPK track “Post-Mortem.” Seminal '70s industrial band SPK was the bizarre and frightening creative cosmos that propelled to prominence Sino-Australian artist Sinan Revell. Revell's exhibition RE/VISIONS presents a confluence of multimedia works that include performance art, film and music. Revell: “My work is informed by the interaction of the inner and outer worlds. I would like to offer various interpretations on an alternate reality, acting as a semipermeable medium for my experiences.” Too right! Also: music and other sounds by SSOTTL (Shit Stain on the Timeline) and Braingarden.

Fri., Dec. 3, 7:30 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly