Above: A golden Gary Busey moment at last year's Oscars

This morning's announcement of the Oscar nominations has provided the world press with another excuse to marvel and cringe at Hollywood. In today's Independent UK Guy Adams bemoans the announcement's early media call time (“I hope they provide breakfast”), but saves most of his irony and ire for the on-again, off-again court circus swirling around Roman Polanski's attempts to clear away the three-decade-old charges that have forced him to live abroad.

“Why Does Hollywood Adore This Sex Offender?” headlines Adams'

article, which notes about Polanski that “the old boy's been a good

servant to Los Angeles, propping up the film industry and the legal

profession, which provide the city with its two main sources of

income.” Adams, who incorrectly claims Polanski was convicted of rape

(he pled guilty to a lesser charge and fled the country before

sentence was passed), should lighten up and enjoy the sheer nuttiness

that Hollywood and the Oscar season offer. Exhibit A is the above

video of last year's zany red-carpet antics by a man we truly adore, Gary Busey.

LA Weekly