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[Updated: 10:25 pm]

10:11 pm Anne Hathaway has press room's most sincere line of the night, on why she said “it happened” during her acceptance speech: “I had a dream & it came true & that can happen & that's wonderful”

10:10 pm David Arquette was apparently in the press room for Sirius radio

9:56 pm Anne Hathaway in Oscars press room, giving thoughts on her song: “All I can hear are the notes I didn't quite hit…maybe I'll get over it some day”

9:55 pm Anne Hathaway, inexplicably saying: “You're always looking for the next job. No matter what's happened before you think no one's going to hire me again”

9:53 pm A bit ago Tarantino compared best picture noms to early 70s New Hollywood, saying they're “adult movies” with “subject matter” that doesn't “suggest they'd be popular…& they are”

9:45 pm Someone in press room asks Affleck about being left off Best Director nominations list. Clooney: “You were left off?!”

9:37 pm Tarantino: “the criticism” of his film was “a good thing…that back and forth [between fans & haters] is really what I wanted”

9:30 pm DDL: “I love it when they're completely inarticulate when they're making [acceptance] speeches. It says the same thing in a different way”

9:24 pm Jennifer Lawrence in press room, when asked what happened to make her fall: “What do you mean, 'What happened?' Look at my dress!”

9:19 pm Jennifer Lawrence's day: “I just woke up and tried on the dress and it fit, thank God. And then I took a shower and…that's what I did. And then I got my hair and makeup done. And then I came to the Oscars. I'm sorry I did a shot before I…Sorry. Jesus.”

9:14 pm Jennifer Lawrence in press room on her day today: “The process today was so stressful. It was like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride.”

Jennifer Lawrence in the press room

9:11 pm Last 9 Oscars best pic presenters: Cruise, Spielberg, Hanks, Spielberg, Denzel, Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman & Streisand, Spielberg

9:06 pm Spielberg has presented best picture at 3 of the last 9 Oscars before tonight

9:05 pm Michelle Obama is 1st person from White House to address #Oscars live since FDR in 1941, Academy librarian says

8:40 pm Ang Lee I believe was played off to the theme from Forrest Gump. Is the music supervisor a Spielberg fan?

8:34 pm According to Academy librarian, Tarantino is the 1st person to use the phrase “peace out” in an Oscars acceptance speech. Totally serious.

8:25 pm Dustin Hoffman mentions former L.A. Weekly writer Josh Bearman, who wrote Wired article Argo was based on.

7:54 pm William Goldenberg, Argo editor: “making breakfast for 75 people, paying bills, on phone with distributors” — on how he was prepared for editing after multitasking while working in his dad's deli

7:37 pm Before tonight, only Bond film Oscar wins were Goldfinger for sound effects & Thunderball for special visual effects, Academy librarians say

7:31 pm 1st ever tie, in 1931/2 for actor, Frederic March (Dr Jekyll…) actually beat Wallace Beery (The Champ) but rules at that time said that within 3 votes is tie

7:26 pm Anne Hathaway gets played off to The Godfather score, of course (?!)

7:22 pm Notable tie was in 1968: Katherine Hepburn for Lion in Winter & Streisand for Funny Girl

7:20 pm The press is crowding the piece of paper near the Academy librarian listing all the previous Oscar ties

7:18 pm Academy librarians say there's only been 5 other ties — last was live action short for 1994

7:15 pm Les Miz winner for makeup and hairstylist, on the combined category, says in England it's not an unusual mix: “I would never take a job that separates the two”

7:09 pm Some press room shouts for Redskins quarterback RG3, echoing RG3 shout-out by Washingtonians Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine, who won best documantary short

6:57 pm Life of Pi visual effects winner Bill Westenhofer on his company's financial troubles: hopes to convince people “we're artists…not technicians”

6:52 pm Westenhofer on his company's financial troubles: “ironic” that visual effects films dominate box office but companies “struggling”

6:46 pm Life of Pi cinematographer Claudio Miranda on win: “I was caught off guard. I thought Roger (Deakins of Skyfall) was next in line”

6:37 pm Brave directors asked about one of them, Brenda Chapman, getting fired from the project early on. Mark: it's a “collaborative process” whether “working side by side or one director then another”

6:30 pm David Arquette asks about Oscars gift basket. John Kahrs: “The Oscars gift bag was very modest.” Arquette: “But there are condoms in there!”

6:28 pm David Arquette is a reporter in the Oscars press room

6:26 pm John Kahrs of Paperman, which won best animated short: “My inspiration was basically as a commuter and…chance connections you make with strangers”

6:17 pm Christoph Waltz on whether he was surprised by win: “Totally. I still am. That's why my answers are somewhat incoherent”

6:15 pm Christoph Waltz in Oscars press room on possibility of black Pope: “I'm an adamant non-racist. I don't care if Pope is black or white or…”

6:10 pm We're in Oscars press room, at the Loews next door. About 300 people are on their laptops waiting for winners to enter so we can ask questions

5:07 pm The red carpet at the Oscars — now with people on it

4:45 pm Another view of the red carpet at the Oscars

4:30 pm This is the press's version of the red carpet at the Oscars

2:55 pm Overhead view of Oscars entrance and red carpet

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