As Monday's water-cooler gossip filters the most-interesting Oscar outtakes, a standout has emerged: The interruption of short documentary winner Roger Ross Williams' acceptance speech by woman previously associated with the work, Elinor Burkett. The New York Times called it the Academy Awards' “Kanye Moment.”

Los Angeles magazine style director Laurie Pike has some backstory (spotted at LAObserved) about the incident. She dressed Williams for the occasion and notes that Burkett (“clad in a purple Snuggie”) bailed as producer of the doc, Music by Prudence, last year but suddenly wanted a piece of the spotlight after it was nominated for an Oscar.

(There's also reportedly a lawsuit involved over creative attribution, and Burkett, while quick to take credit, is said to be unhappy with the way the film turned out).

While one might feel bad for Williams, step back and consider the massive press he's getting — attention that he wouldn't have otherwise received as a documentarian among stars.

Apparently it wasn't predetermined who would accept the award. “She pulled a Kanye,” Williams told

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