Missed the Red Carpet pre-Oscars coverage this year (think we may have still been in bed when E! started airing its tedious fawning sessions with Ryan Seacrest) so we actually had to watch the show itself for a fashion fix.

There sure was lots of eye candy. Maybe it was just our new hi-def TV, but the makeup, hair and frocks worn by the likes of Jennifer Garner, Katherine Heigel and winner Marion Cottillard, not to mention all the preggo actresses (Jessica Alba, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman) was flawless.

We've been emailing with her for a profile in the Weekly's upcoming People issue, so we might be a bit biased, but one of our favorite ensembles was Diablo Cody's leopard print Dior number, which she accented with red lips, gypsy-ish jewels and skull & cross bone earrings. It might have been too rock n' roll for some but, unlike many other stars who abandon their personal flair for the cookie cutter looks that stylists choose for them, Cody looked like herself. A very hip chick.

She's got style integrity alright. Controversy brewed this week when the Juno writer refused to allow herself to be used as a promo whore for Stuart Weitzman, who chose her to wear his most blinged-out footwear this year, a pair of diamond brooched vintage style heels valued at over 2 million smackers.

The blatant borrowing of jewels, shoes, and dresses that happens during the Academy Awards is unmitigated product placement and it's something that everyone just seems to go along with. But the Weitzman shoe thing kinda takes it to gross proportions, and Cody, who blogged about the situation on her MySpace page, was not having it when she found out what was going on.

Another edgy individual, Daniel Day Lewis looked equally comfortable and cool, with his touseled hair, hoop earrings and brown trimmed suit. So much sexier than Harrison Ford's midlife crisis stud (as seen on Barbara Walter's post-Oscar special).

Speaking of the night's programming, we will admit that funking til dawn at that Prince party everybody keeps yapping about would have been amazing, as would have Elton John's AIDS benefit bash (media credentials to that one were due a month in advance!), but then again, going out would have meant missing not only the Babawawa special (loove how Ellen Page seemed so annoyed by the seasoned interogator), but also the godhead “I F****** Ben Affleck” video on Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar night special.

If you missed it, check it out here.

Below, some pics of the Best and Worst fashion of the eve from ABC's website


Nobody can make this leopard change her spots.

law logo2x b

Light as feather even with the baby bump.

law logo2x b

Almost makes up for her trashy Grammy getup.


law logo2x b

The “girls” don't look so dreamy in this one.

law logo2x b

Ghost story.

UPDATE: Just discovered that DDL wore ugly brown hush-puppy lookin' shoes, so we'll have to retract our kudos to his ensemble. Bad shoes on a dude are always a deal-breaker. But, we still think he looked unique and sexy from the waist up.

Oh, and here's a pic of the snazzy shoes Diablo dissed. Kinda look like our wedding day sandals (minus the brooches that could feed an entire country for five years).

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