Is boxing's Golden Boy really a … white boy on the inside (and we do mean inside)?

A woman claims that L.A.'s Oscar de la Hoya engaged in a kinky cocaine ritual with her last March at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York.

That time frame might coincide with De la Joya's own admission that he had a substance abuse problem:

In May he admitted that he had checked himself into rehab, but the boxer-cum-promoter wouldn't say which substance, exactly, had been abused.

A model named Angelica Marie Cecora says she knows: It was was cocaine, and he allegedly did it through “a private body area” that isn't his nose, she claimed to the New York Daily News.

Cocaine suppository? Ah yes, the booty bump. (Allegedly).

Alleging the kind of behavior once associated with Charlie Sheen, Cecora has filed a $5 million suit against De la Hoya that accuses him of inflicting emotional distress, falsely imprisoning her, and assaulting her during their hotel session.

De la Hoya attorney Judd Burstein seemed to laugh it off, telling the Daily News the suit comprised “stupidity.”

What is it with powerful men/celebs (Sheen, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and now De la Hoya) and Manhattan hotel sex scandals these days? Listen guys, get a room … in Vegas.

Booty bumps are practically mandatory there.


LA Weekly