2016 marks the arrival of some important four-year cycles, chiefly the presidential election (already over it) and the Summer Olympics (they're in Brazil, right?). But our favorite annual event actually takes place ever five years, the tradition wherein Original Tommy's Burger celebrates its anniversary with deeply discounted burgers. Hooray!

On Sunday, May 15, from noon until midnight, the magic continues: Original Tommy's Burger at Beverly and Rampart will be commemorating its 70th anniversary with a meal deal that includes a Tommy's chiliburger and can of soda for just 70 cents.

The origin of Original Tommy’s dates back to 1946, when founder Tommy Koulax opened his namesake burger stand on the corner of Beverly and Rampart. In the decades since, it's become a veritable burger landmark in L.A., known for its old-school burgers topped with viscous brown chili; for being open 24 hours a day; and for its countless unlicensed imitators (Tom's, Big Tommy's, Super Tom's, etc.). If you grew up in Southern California, you most likely have a strong opinion about a Tommy's chiliburger.

Note: While there are 32 locations of Original Tommy's located across California and Nevada, the only place you'll find that sweet 70-cent meal deal at is the original location in Westlake. There will be a limit of five burgers per person — which, c'mon, really shouldn't be an issue for anyone.

Other activities planned for May 15 include a performance by the USC Trojan Band at noon, live music and entertainment throughout the day (mariachi bands!), prize giveaways and Tommy's swag, and an appearance by the Original Tommy's Race Car, which is apparently a thing.
Original Tommy's, 2575 Beverly Blvd, Westlake; (213) 389-9060, originaltommys.com.

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