Does the world want “fruity” Oreos? Specifically, “limeade” Oreos that “taste like Skittles”?

Do polar bears want the ice to keep melting?

Last summer, Oreo came out with a hot pink watermelon version of “milk's favorite cookie” (and where is that flavor today?). Now they have a lime-flavored entry to add to the other fruity flavors Oreo has experimented with, including lemon, berry and even Creamsicle and fruit punch, according to the Daily Meal. The limeade Oreo contains a tart lime-flavored cream filling that one reviewer compared to Skittles, sandwiched between two vanilla Oreo cookies.]

Let us explain something to you, Oreo. The reason Oreos are “milk's favorite cookie” has to do with the way the dark chocolate cookies are tempered by the sweet vanilla center. Everyone knows chocolate plus milk is a win-win. Lime plus milk equals one big meh. No one wants Kool-Aid-flavored cookies, except maybe 5-year-olds.

For this reason, other flavor experiments, such as Reese's Peanut Butter Oreos or Cookie Dough Oreos, get the nod from milk. But there's really no need for all this fruit-cream nonsense. Leave that to the macarons.

The “Oreo Biscuit” has been around since 1912, and quickly rose to the rank of top cookie in America. Why mess with that kind of success with these pastel flavor abominations? The only modification we can really get behind is Double Stuf (1974), and maybe chocolate-dipped. Oreo has a history of overplaying its hand, such as Mega Stuf Oreos (2013) and Ice Cream Rainbow Sure, Bert! Oreos (also 2013). Stick to what you do best, Oreo. Chocolate cookies. Vanilla cream center. That's all America needs.

Limeade is a limited-time flavor, which means it is exclusive to a specific store (generally Walmart).

See, there's the problem right there. Stay classy, Oreo. Be proud of who you are. You rock cheesecake. Your milkshake brings everybody to the yard. Own it. There's no need to gaudy yourself up like some floozy in a neon-green tube top. 

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