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Ah, the Hometown Fair, a place where kids can take pony rides, check out rabbits in the petting zoo, and … see scary men with guns. Yeah, it's like that.

The South Bay branch of California's Open Carry group — the people who have been telling members to meet up with their guns holstered at local Starbucks — is targeting the Hometown Fair in Manhattan Beach this weekend to get headlines for its cause. Well, here you go.

The Open Carry crew from South Bay threatened to sue after the private event stated it wouldn't permit guns on the grounds. The fair's organizers backed down this week, fearing the costs of taking the matter to court wouldn't be worth it.

Talk about a party foul. There have to be many folks canceling plans to head to the fair this weekend. Who wants their 5-year-old around a bunch of dudes with nines on their hips?

The Open Carry movement has a point — that it's basically legal to holster a weapon in public, Southern-style. The Constitution allows it, even if California's weapons laws are so tough we sometimes forget that it's okay to have them.

At the same time, the group already made its point. Do members really need to flash their steel in front of children?

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