And the winner is … not you. At least not if you searched online for Emmy victors and came up with a computer virus instead. Security virus firm Symantec warned on Monday that as much as 57 percent of certain Emmy-related search results online will lead users to malicious sites that will attempt to poison their computers with viral code.

The company uses the search terms “Elisabeth Moss Wiki,” referring to the Emmy-nominated Mad Men actress, to come to the 57-percent example. Another search of “Emmys 2010 Wiki” will also result in one out of four sites that that are malicious, according to Symantec.

According to the company:

Cybercriminals monitor newsworthy, trending news topics, then infect dozens of legitimate and fake web pages with viruses, spyware, keylogging programs — where criminals can monitor everything you type — and other malicious software hoping to gain access to people's computers and steal their personal information.

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