Apparently, singer-songwriter (and novelist — blimey!) John Wesley Harding and comedian Eugene Mirman are good friends. Sure, everybody knows everybody in show biz by six degrees, but that pairing never occurred to us … although in hindsight we're not sure why. Harding's dulcet song stylings have always featured a bracing wit, not to mention moments of out-and-out comic genius. (Ever hear his Fab Four reunion epic “When the Beatles Hit America,” written several years before “Free as a Bird” was released? It's a riot, and not just a teeny bit prophetic.) Mirman, on the other hand, though well known for his standup, is also a regular on Flight of the Conchords and first turned up on our radar thanks to a marvelous bit of musical Flash animation on his Web site, featuring his childhood self-portrait which warbles rock classics in the key of “off.” (Li'l Mirman's Daltrey impression is particularly inspired: “Who-o-o are you, whoareyouwhoareyouwho-o-o the fuck are you AAAAAH!”) Don't know what we were thinking, to be honest; bet these two gents would make quite a team … and we'll get to find out for certain on Saturday when their traveling music-and-comedy revue, Wes & Eugene's Cabinet of Wonders, hits Largo at the Coronet, featuring a terrific lineup that also includes Jill Sobule, Mike Viola, Al Stewart, Ron Lynch, Matthew Specktor and a supersecret surprise guest. Or two. Ooh-er, the suspense!

Sat., April 4, 9 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly