Even by the outrageous standards of sexologist Dr. Susan Block's broad-band e-blasts, her announcement that May is for wankers will take many aback. After all, a country jaded by sit-ins, smoke-outs and Casual Fridays may still not be ready for the idea of officially sanctioned acts of onanism. While “the act” may be free, as well as the world's most popular form of sexual expression, Doc Block's Website offers, for a price, some tips, instructions and hardware from her professional toolbox.

“Do it alone,” Doc Block advises, “with your partner, with your friends, while you're bored in rush hour traffic, in a tree, on a train, out at sea or in the rain.”

Above: A Hitachi Magic Wand,
Dr. Block's weapon of choice

With our friends — really? What kind of fun can that be? Isn't the whole idea masturbation — well, never mind. It will be interesting to see who responds the quickest to Block's call. It's no secret that bloggers, for example, are quite at home with the concept and have made wanking an online art form. But for the housewife in Peoria? The brakeman in Lodi? A whole 'nuther demographic. Here we must let the good doctor explain herself:

“National Masturbation Month is a respectful attempt to open that closet door, just a crack, letting a little light shine in on that which is usually hidden and forbidden.”

In other words, Do try this at home.

LA Weekly