So what if it's not the standard four-on-the-floor party fair that most blogs would hand out on a Friday morning — we here at West Coast Sound think more of our readership.

We assume you like to do a little thinking along with your drinking and otherwise weekend-freaking. And we know that was a bad rhyme — that's why we leave the music-making to the pros.

Asura and Ana Caravelle are indeed that. A pair of multi-instrumentalists with classical backgrounds and an association with L.A.'s current electronic scene, they actually have a lot in common with L.A. Weekly's current feature star, Baths.

But while his music is made to soar, a song like “Timber,” which WCS has the pleasure of debuting, is a darkly swooning orchestral affair, brought to life by burbling beat-work, seething texture, crying strings, sputtering horn and, perhaps most effectively, Caravelle's positively haunted voice.

The two perform at Echo Curio tonight — a five-dollar-donation gig that includes music from So Many Wizards and Owl.

This exclusive track, which hails from Asura's eponymous debut on Non Projects (an imprint of Alpha Pup Records), brings to mind Hood, the Notwist and Boards of Canada in parts, but it's an original, no doubt.

DOWNLOAD: Asura ft. Ana Caravella – “Timber” [MP3]

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